Любовь и Рим 2005

Rome TV Review - Common Sense MediaНазвание книги: Любовь и Рим 2005
Страниц: 183
Год: 2013
Жанр: Историческая

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О книге «Любовь и Рим 2005»

Atia's first scene in the series sees her using her sexuality to bribe Timon, her hired hand, into giving her a white horse he intended to sell at the market.

Successful, she informs her twelve-year-old son Octavian that she intends him to take the horse to Gaul as a gift to her uncle Julius Caesar.

When Octavian goes missing after being kidnapped by Gauls, Atia partakes in a special ritual in which a bull is sacrificed on a platform above her, drenching her in its sacred blood; she asks the gods to protect Octavian and see him safely to Caesar.

Taking her rivalry with Servilia to a new level in The Ram has Touched the Wall, Atia pays to have graphic sexual depictions of Servilia and Caesar drawn on every street corner, humiliating Caesar's wife Calpurnia.

This ends the affair, but causes Servilia to curse both Caesar and Atia.

When Octavian intervenes, snatching the whip from her and declaring, "I am your son, not your child. Following this event, Octavia runs away and Octavian leaves to convince her to come back.

Atia takes revenge on Servilia by having Timon and her slaves publicly humiliate her: they pull Servilia from her litter, strip and beat her in the forum and cut her hair.

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